At We Inspire You, we offer a blend of coaching and counseling services to inspire you to create and experience the life you truly desire and deserve.

Jodi and Christine have traveled many lifetimes together. We are deeply connected and although we are not a romantic couple, in this lifetime we discovered we are twin flames! Each of us is the Yin to her Yang.

In this lifetime, our paths first crossed in 1994 working together in the healthcare field. We became a dynamic team in a fast-paced medical setting and instant friends who communicated effortlessly as though we were speaking a language all our own.

Fast forward to 30+ years later, our bond has grown into a magical experience. Jodi is now located on the east coast of FL and Christine is on to the gulf coast of FL. How perfect, one of us sees the sunrise and the other the sunset. Our spark of creativity ignited and here we are once again, eager to share the beautiful blend of our gifts and talents.


Jodi Hinkle is an intuitive coach, transformative teacher, and trusted confidante committed to helping others accelerate their soul-filled satisfaction. Through her educational and transformative services, Jodi creates a supportive environment where clients are compassionately guided how to release fears, overcome limitations and create more of the life they want. 

Jodi has an undergraduate in Social Work and has a Master’s Degree in Education. She excelled in corporate healthcare before a life changing journey that began with trusting her intuition.  At HerQuest, Jodi offers individual and group coaching, book studies, workshops, and custom retreats. More details can be found at


Christine Kotlarski is a Psychotherapist and Intimacy Coach with a passion for working with unconventional & non-traditional peeps. No matter who you are, through her intuitive and compassionate style, she creates a safe space for you to explore and discover your authentic self. Her approach is holistic, sex positive & integrative; blending metaphysical modalities with proven therapeutic strategies. She is an LGBTQ+ ally and provides gender affirming care.

Christine earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work ( MSW) from Temple University.  Christine teaches at Widener University in their MSW graduate degree program. At High Note Counseling, Christine offers individual and relationship counseling and coaching, both in-person and virtually. More details can be found at

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