Have you wondered why the life you truly desire feels out of reach?

Because women have been unknowingly depriving themselves of what they really want!

Ask yourself these 3 questions to consider what might be in your way.

1. Do you have a secret wish?

In other words, have you wanted something for a while, not shared your desire with anyone else, and find yourself waiting and wanting, and waiting and wanting?

You may tell yourself to be patient, the timing is just off.  Yet as time passes by, this feeling of waiting and wanting grows and causes you to feel so “stuck” that the dissatisfaction feels insurmountable!  

When this is the case, time passes by without you taking any action, as you secretly wait in hope that someone will finally figure out what you want and come to give it to you.

2. Do you have a desire and a conflicting belief that gets in the way?

If so, your inner voice may sound like “I want this, but I also want that…and I can’t have both!”

You may tell yourself you should be more grateful and that you’d be crazy to mess up what you have or that it is too risky to want what you want. 

It may be very obvious to you why you believe you can’t have what you want, or you could feel “clueless” as to why you don’t just go for it!

Either way, this inner conflict results in such angst inside you that you tend to put your desire aside and remain dissatisfied.

3. Have you had a past experience that causes you to distrust?

If so, you may have fallen into self-preservation mode in order to “protect” yourself from further hurt. This unknowingly causes a deep sense of loneliness and tends to attract others who are not available in ways that matter to you.  

In fact, these conflicting emotions may cause multiple areas of your life to feel disappointing all at once! The job that you thought would be fulfilling may be falling short of your expectations and you can’t seem to figure out why. Your social life may feel flat, and your mind may continually fall back into remembering how disappointed you feel. Perhaps your sex life feels boring, dissatisfying or nonexistent. 

When people unknowingly look at their worlds with the eyes of “distrust” they experience a range of emotions that are easily misunderstood. At the core, a fear of making a mistake and becoming trapped in what they do not want can perpetuate a cycle of disappointment that drains their energy and their desire. Many times, these individuals toggle between temporarily “giving up” and "settling" for an experience that doesn’t satisfy them.  

The big question is who should you talk to about it?

When you consider who you could talk to, does each person quickly get crossed off the list? 

  • Maybe you feel concerned they will judge you?

  • Perhaps you are afraid they will break your confidence in some way?

  • It could even be that someone has already used what you told them against you, and you don’t want to repeat that painful experience! 

Choosing to talk with a “neutral” person allows you to speak openly about what you desire. 

  • Without the worry of it being repeated to someone else.

  • Without the concern that their personal beliefs or concerns will influence you.

  • Without the fear of being judged for what you want!

Professional coaching and counseling services are designed to talk through the confusion

so that the best answer for you reveals itself.  

Experts who understand the mix of conflicting emotions that cause people to hold themselves back,

to unknowingly complicate their relationships, and even to deprive themselves of what they really want,

are the “neutral” ear that will serve you best.

We are here for you. We’ve been there too!

There is no one size fits all approach to creating the life you want.

For some, the opportunity to embrace self-love and acceptance is the first step.

Others are ready to explore personal passions, soulful sensuality or what truly inspires them.

We understand the complexities of today’s world.

Whether you are just beginning to explore who you really are,

getting started again,

or beginning to realize your approach has falling short,

we can help you discern what stands in your way and how to move forward

in ways that feel comfortable and exciting to you.

Choose which option will serve you best:

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